STANLEY KUBRICK fotografo 1945-50, VENICE

STANLEY KUBRICK fotografo  1945 - 1950

From 1945 to 1950 Kubrick worked for the magazine "Look" and documented social life in post-war America. This treasure of photos, over 12,000 images, has been discovered, studied and critically analyzed by an expert in contemporary art, Rainer Crone, curator of the exhibition, who now present us a selection of this photos at the Istituto Veneto in Venice.

For the first time in the world over 200 photographs of the famous director are presented to the public. This series of stories told in images express the great director's narrative talent, sense of humour and visionary force.

The exhibition, organized in sections, tells some of the stories that Kubrick immortalized, such as:
  • Portugal : the journey on earth Lusitanian two Americans after the war;
  • Crimes: testify the arrest of two criminals following the movements of the police, their strategies, their cunning, until the seals capture;
  • Betsy Furstenberg: the symbol of the vibrant New York of those years;
  • The small shoeshine: the shoeshine that stood on street corners in New York ecc

25 MAY 1948
The circus is a world apart; a fantastic world ruled by play, by the breaking of all boundaries, the absence of any taboo. But this is only the impression of the audience, the people who sit together under the big tent, isolated from daily life. For the acrobats, artists, animal tamers and clowns instead, entertainment is a serious business - it is their daily bread. Each original act is the result of hard training. The voice of the circus director shouting orders to the tightrope walker soars to the dizzying heights where he works. The acrobats sleep in old ambulances, and the light of the day reveals what was hidden by the glamour of the night. The circus tent has holes in it - the canvas must be repaired or replaced.

18 JULY 1950
Two things have marked her since birth: a pretty face and a little preposition between her first name and last name. This is Betsy von Furstenberg. Her star resolutely rises, like her turned-up nose. At the age of seven she makes her debut in her first ballet at the center Theater. Then she takes acting lessons, convinced she will have a brilliant career. At the age of fourteen she moves to Paris, where she poses for fashion shots. A little later, here she is smiling from the covers of internationally famous women's magazines. At the age of eighteen comes her long desired debut in the cinema. The photographs shot by Kubrick display the unbearable lightness of a career already over and the unshakeable self-confidence of this girl. Betsy knows how to offer herself to the lens. The shots of her daily life look like staged photos - as when we see her sitting framed by a hotel-room window, studying the script for the next day's shooting, well aware of the effect produced by her long legs.

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